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We believe in happiness, happiness thru a surfboard filled with emotional value and awesome experiences that you can give to yourself or others as a gift.
Gifts are one great way to make people happy. However, research shows that it is not the financial value of the gift that gives happiness.

  • Personal gifts with a sentimental value create more happiness than expensive stuff.
  • Gifts that include positive experiences create more happiness than just stuff.
  • Giving gifts create more happiness than receive one (Dunn, 2008).

Given the ancient history of Māori tradition, where you wear it and let it take on some of your spirit before you give it away, our necklaces comes packed with great opportunity to create happiness, the long term way that we like.
And you know what, it will bring you happiness even on your own neck. According to Māori it will keep a bit of your last surfing session. No matter what, when you feel it around your neck you will most definitely remember that last good surf session that made you happy.

/ Last Zession – Happy Surf necklaces.

Māori people started it in New Zealand almost a 1000 years ago.
Ancesters from polynesians, the founders of surfing, the Māoris came in canoes as a people of nature to the beautiful New Zealand. They brought a mythology surrounded by nature and mystery. The culture also came with a skilled craftsmanship. Māori carvings are beautiful handmade pieces, originally made from whalebone, that are surrounded by depth and spirituality.
The Koru, the spiral shape, symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace. It’s circle outer shape indicates eternal movement while the inner loop is the return to the beginning.
A bone carving worn on the skin changes colour over time. Māori believed that was the spirit of the person wearing it entering the carving. When someone gives a pendant to someone else, it is the custom that they wear it for a time so that part of their spirit is given as well.
All of this;
The strong connection to nature, the soul and mystery and the passion for surfing, is expressed by our own surfboard carving necklace. Each one is handmade by our own Māori master carver, when he’s not gone surfing… It has the true shape of a real surfboard with correct rocker, rails, nose and tail. Since whalebone is not available today they are made from strong New Zealand beef bone.
The Koru shape represents you, the surfer, on your board.
According to the Māori, it takes on the spirit of the carrier and his actions – your surf sessions and more.
Any time you want to relive your last session, you just feel that board around your neck and you’re off.
Our own private carvings has been trough a lot. What will yours experience?

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