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Picture of Sunrise surf in NZ, LastZession.com

We have searched the globe for adventures for many years.

Surfing, skiing, climbing, riding. enjoying life in the best playground of them all, nature. Spending time outdoors does something to you. Sometimes you just take a break in whatever you’re doing and gaze at the wonders and beauty of the nature.

Surfing in New Zealand the natures beauty struck just like that.
Sitting on the board in the water waiting for the next wave everything suddenly seemed so clear and calm. The beauty of the waves, the calm sound of the water, a fish swimmig under the board. This is how life should be spent. Spending time in New Zealand learning about the Mãori culture and their ancient customs added something to that magic moment.

When we later that trip came across the carvings and the concept of how the Mãori used to wear them first and then give them away as a very personal gift we understood that we had to share this wonderful concept to the world. Here we are. Since then our own carvings has been trough a lot, good and bad,  adventures as well as ordinary days. They have been with us on several oceans, several mountains, a few childbirths and more.
What will you fill yours with?

Oh, you’d like to know why we spell Last Zession like we do? Simple, we wanted to honor the country where it all started ages ago, New Zealand.

Last Zession by Emplify Labs

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