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Last Zession surfboard necklace

No plastics. No chemicals. No bling.

Just natural materials and genuine craftsmanship following an almost 1000 year old tradition of adding spirit by wearing before giving it away.

We gave it the true shape of a surfboard with genuine rocker and all. All thanks to the passion for surfing.

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$49 USD – shipping included

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The board measures about 45x18mm (1 ¾ x ¾ inch). The cord is 56cm (22″) long. It weighs in at a massive 6gr (0.2oz).
As they are handmade each one can differ slightly.
It comes with a cord that can be adjusted to preferred length and locks with a bone toggle.
Originally those Mãori carvings would be from whalebone but as they are protected today, beef bone from our carvers local butchery is used instead. New Zealand beef bone is strong and compact providing excellent quality to the carving.
All you have to do is wear it.
It will darken with age and become even more beautiful. If you’d like to clean it just put it in luke warm water with some soap and wash it with a sponge or rag, then rinse clean.
No one wants to be charged extra for shipping!
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To fit the cord to your neck:

  1. Start off by measuring the excess by wearing it and pulling the toggle until you’re satisfied.
  2. Take it off and carefully loosen the loop knot without undoing it.
  3. Lengthen the loose end of the loop knot until it it as long as your excess measurement.
  4. Tighten the knot.
  5. Refit the surfboard so it is centered.
  6. Check once more that all is well.
  7. Trim that loose end. Best is to melt it off or to burn it carefully after cutting it. This prevents the cord from unraveling.
  8. All is done. Now start wearing it with a smile.


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